Hybrid Live on line events

Event Information


The health and safety of your athletes, families & staff is our top priority! Our hybrid competitions allow flexibility to maintain all applicable COVID-19 guidelines and provide options for teams that cannot travel at the time of the event. Teams will film LIVE ON-LINE in their own facility while participating at our live in person events!

Requirements Needed
  • Appropriate Performing surface- a mat surface that is clear of all other equipment and safe for performing a routine. (This surface does not have to be a full 9 mat system or a spring floor. We understand all teams are doing their best with what is available for them.)  If you have questions pertaining to your performing surface please contact our offices for more information.
  • Two devices to film (phone, tablet, computer and/or web camera)
    • One device needs to be Wi-Fi connected and able to enter the meeting.
    • One device is your  recording device. This must be a separate person in charge of recording the routine. We can only judge what we see.  If in the event something goes wrong with the connection you will be able to upload your routine to Reg Champ once our judging personnel gives you the go ahead.
  • You may want to consider some kind of stand or stability device to keep your cameras from moving during the routine. We can only judge what we see.
Best Practices for Filming

An AmeriCheer Family of Brands judging personnel will be with you and available for questions before the event date for planning purposes and during your entire performance/meeting time. Please read thoroughly the information below to help you prepare for your Hybrid LIVE ON-LINE experience.

  • Routine videos will be filmed and then uploaded to your Reg Champ Account. This may take some time since Wi-Fi can sometimes be tricky. A back up recording of each team performance is required.
  • There is no need to purchase additional equipment or other services for your program – simply film on your choice of device while being logged into your meeting time that will be assigned to you. Choices of devices include:  computer, web camera, tablet and/phone.
  • Score sheets will be emailed to coaches, just like at an in-person event but can also be found in your Reg Champ account following awards.
  • Awards will be held virtually for  participants of the event, live in-person and live on-line participants. You will need to refer to the schedule for times.
  • All events will be available to watch on-demand on the event date through our Reg Champ Watch Party. You can watch all the teams in your division and the event through our watch party link. Remember this will be a slight delay from real time due to Wi-Fi situations. Watch Parties are available for coaches, athletes and spectators.
Q's and Do's
  • Q: What view is needed for my live on-line routine?
    • Choose a view to record that will be able to include the entire floor/team at all times in the routine as well as nothing that prohibits the view, such as poles, walls, curtains, equipment etc. We understand that many gyms have these items to separate floors.  Please do your best!  We can only judge what we see.  You will not receive credit for skills that are outside the view of the camera.
    • If you need to turn your routine for a better angle you may. We understand this will not give you the full 9 panels side to side you are used to.  Adjust your routine to fit accordingly if you choose to turn your routine.
  • Q: Are we allowed to cheer on the team performing?
    • The camera person should refrain from walking, jumping or yelling into the camera. We need to hear the music and see the routine.
    • Other spectators are allowed to cheer on the team just like at a competition venue. Please keep all spectators from obstructing the view of the camera.
    • Coaches may sit in front of the floor but may not be on the floor just like at a live in person event. Please keep all coaches from obstructing the view of the camera.
  • Q: Are uniforms required for the performance?
    • Please make sure you are wearing proper attire to do a routine- uniforms are encouraged but not mandatory. Uniforms are not part of the scoresheet however a uniform look helps with seeing the uniformity within the routine movements and helps eliminate distractions.
  • Q: What kind of production is required?
    • Although your session can be used via a web browser, it is recommended that you download the Zoom app to your computer or mobile device.
    • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
    • Lighting is everything! We can only judge what we can see.
    • Clear audio is a must, so please use Bluetooth earbuds and/or minimize ambient noise in the room when speaking with your AmeriCheer personnel. You will need to have loud music during the routine.
  • Q: How much time will I need to set aside for filming?
    • You will be assigned a time slot for your program. Prepare to have all of your teams perform one at a time.  Your AmeriCheer judging personnel will work with your scheduling.  Keep in mind the order based on any crossovers you may have.
    • You will be asked to log in and meet with your AmeriCheer judging personnel at least 10 minutes prior to your team’s performance. You will go over all checks with your judge prior to your team’s performance before getting the ok to perform.
    • All routines will be given a go ahead from your judge that will be part of the recording to ensure that all performances are live just as they are at the event.
    • Plan for at least 5 minutes per routine being performed.
  • Q: What time zone will the competition on line meeting?
    • Times listed for this event will be in Eastern Standard Time.
  • Q: When will I receive my log in?
    • You should receive your log in 3 days prior to your event date. An AmeriCheer judging personnel will be in touch with you to schedule your performance time.
  • Q: I did not receive my Zoom log in email, what do I do?
    • Make sure the email you registered with is what we have on file to send your link to.  Be sure to check that email.
    • Did you check your spam/junk folder?
    • If you still cannot locate your email, please send an email to info@americheer.com or call (614) 898-1000. A cell number will be provided for day of event.
  • Q: My passcode doesn’t work.
    • All passcodes are case sensitive.  Please make sure there are no spaces.
    • If it still does not work, please send an email to info@americheer.com or call (614) 898-1000. A cell number will be provided for day of event.


AmeriCheer Family of Brands

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