Covid 19 Updates & News


These are AmeriCheer Family of Brands overall policies and procedures.  The health and safety of your athletes, families & staff is our top priority! Our hybrid competitions allow flexibility to maintain all applicable COVID-19 guidelines and provide options for teams that cannot travel at the time of the event. We have a Covid safe plan below.  The following may differ slightly from venue to venue depending on the venue and/or health department requirements and regulations.

All high-risk individuals – athletes, coaches, and spectators – are encouraged to stay home.


Please make sure that all athletes have a water bottle with them if needed.  All bags and belongings must travel with athletes.


Masks must be worn by all while attending the event.  Spectators must keep masks on at all times.  Coaches and Athletes may remove masks when in the warm up room and while competing.  (Please plan on a way that you will collect masks and store them.  Our suggestion is to have a baggie with each athletes name on it to store their mask while not wearing it.)


Unfortunately, no VIP area (in front of floor) until further notice due to space not allowing for social distancing. Only coaches will be allowed in front of the floor during performances.


Unfortunately, there will be no coaches’ rooms until further notice due to space not allowing for social distancing.


  • Please do not arrive extra early to the event.   We will allow time for each spectator time to get in to see their organization.
  • There will be two entrances, one to come in and one to come out. They will be labeled and someone will be working the door to help direct.
  • Spectators are encouraged to use hand-sanitizer upon arrival.
  • Spectators must sit socially-distanced. 


Spectator seating will allow for six feet of space between groups of no more than four people who know one another (preferred to be same household).


Only Coaches or a representative for each team must be present at awards to collect. You may also choose to bring graduating seniors or a few athletes.   If you do not choose to have someone stay for awards, AmeriCheer AmeriDance can send an invoice to have awards shipped following the event.


Score sheets will be email after your awards session.  All deductions will be sent via email after your performance.

UPDATE: 10.21.20

The Family of Brands Competition Registration Guidelines and Policies

Registration Deadlines:

  • All AmeriCheer, AmeriDance and Eastern Cheer & Dance competition registration deadlines are 3 weeks prior to the event date/ On Time Pricing. (Hershey Open Nationals is 4 weeks prior to the event.)
  • All STUDIO LIVE! Competitions registration deadlines are 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • For the InterNational Championship, please reference InterNationals Policies & FAQ’s.

Customer Cancellation Policy:

  • If an organization has PAID IN FULL for the event by the registration deadline (3 weeks prior to the event/On Time Pricing)  and it is 21 days or greater prior to the event a full refund less a cancellation fee ($50 per Spirit Series, $100 per Championship,  Open Nationals, and/or Nationals) may be requested. (Hershey Open Nationals is 28 days or greater prior to the event.)
  • If an organization has PAID IN FULL for the event by the registration deadline (3 weeks prior to the event/On Time Pricing)  and it is  20 days to 7 days prior to the event date a full transfer to another event/training may be requested.
  • If an Organization has NOT PAID IN FULL by the registration deadline (3 weeks prior to the event/On Time Pricing)  and/or it is up to 7 days prior to the event date a transfer of funds less a cancellation fee  ($50 per Spirit Series, $100 per Championship,  Open Nationals, and/or Nationals) can be applied to another event/training.
  • Additional competing options are available.  Please see pertinent information below.

**No cancellations/transfers will be accepted by phone. Written notice may be emailed to or fax to 614-898-0404.

*Allow at least 6 weeks for refunds to be processed.  

Pertinent Information

  • All building teams have the option to perform Non-Building at all events
    • .  Teams may choose to mark in place their building skills or create a routine with out building skills.
    • Non-Building teams will NOT be against building teams.
    • If you need to change to a non-building team please put in writing prior to the event if possible.
    • No building skills of any kind will be allowed during the 2:30 routine.
  • If an organization cannot attend a Live in person event there is an option to change to compete Live Virtually.  This request must be submitted in writing.  All rates will remain the same.
  • If a Live in person event cancels, an organization has the following options:
    •  The event will become a Virtual Event/ Live Virtual Event
    • If you are not able to do the re-scheduled virtual event you may apply your funds to a future event(s) (Live, Live Virtual or Virtual)
  •  In the event that a competition has to be re-scheduled or cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, all registration fees will be applied to future events/training.

* Virtual Event- pre-recorded video sent in to be judged. 

*Live Virtual Event- Teams are performing live from their remote location. 

*Live in Person Event- Teams perform live in person (including the warm up area and competition floor). 

UPDATE 8.24.20

AmeriCheer Family of Brands Covid19 Path

We are looking into the upcoming 2020-2021 competition season and coming up with our path.  It has been challenging, to come up with ONE definite plan of action, but we have a few possible avenues depending on where the country is in handling the pandemic once we get closer to events.  We understand as much as WE need a path, so do YOU!  We are sharing with you a few of the routes we may have to take, however they may not be the only ones!  Each state may be at various different levels and we may have to pivot and change course or use a combination of plans.  We are hopeful that as we are fluid with change, so are you!

Plan A – Live Venue Events

  • We will be running events that you know and have come to love from the AmeriCheer Family of Brands.  If live events are permitted to hold mass gatherings, we will run events as we always have with additional procedures for following CDC recommendations and working with our facility partners to include sanitation schedules.

Plan B – Block or Hybrid Events (Live and Live Streaming)

  • If mass gatherings are limited, we will also have limitations.  We will then go to competitions with smaller sessions to allow for a limited capacity.  This will be dependent on any mandates at the time.  We may have to run competitions by program to further limit capacity.  In this scenario, competitions will only be open to your program and only to your program’s spectators (if they are able to be included).  You would then compete your entire program’s teams and leave the venue.  Coaches are permitted to stay and watch the competition. We will hold award ceremonies with coaches only and allow for a virtual showing of the award ceremony.

Plan C – Virtual Events (Live or Downloaded)

  • If we are unable to meet in person, we will offer virtual competitions or a hybrid of live and virtual competitions.  What does this mean?  We can live stream each team’s performance from their own facility.  We will be giving each team a time to perform and zoom you in!  We will judge live, just like you were there competing at the competition.  The awards ceremony would be virtual and awards mailed to the organization following the event.

Please know that anything can happen especially now in today’s pandemic world as we have come to know it.  Know that we are doing the best that we can to produce events that fall within the guidelines and still give your athletes a place to feel safe while competing.  Please be flexible and allow the change!  Hopefully we will not have to take any of these steps but our best option, Plan A.  But also know that states and areas may look different.  One state may need to be virtual and another may have full capacity and not be impacted at all.  We are committed to lessen the curve and keep loved ones safe and healthy!  This sport and this industry is our life and our passion, we know it is yours too.  Take a moment to look into our COVID relief for your registration costs, we took the CDIP Pledge and have a Stimulus Package for you! Click Here for more information.

Let’s work together and we can get through this!

AmeriCheer Family of Brands